Shore Hospitality is a renowned Hong Kong restaurant group with 8 locations around the city. We have been serving quality meals to the city since 2010 and pride ourselves on being one of the best restaurant groups in HK.

Our Mission

At Shore Hospitality Restaurant Group, we are committed to quality excellence and exceeding guest satisfaction, through great service and food. As a HK restaurant group, we aim to provide delicious food and experiences that you can share with family, friends and colleagues no matter the occasion.

From the moment you walk into any one of our restaurant group venues you will be welcomed by a friendly team of staff, captivating restaurant design that celebrates Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, and of course, delicious food.

Our Founder

Shore Hospitality Restaurant Group HK was founded in 2010 by Mark Cholewka, a distinguished Chef himself having worked in many prestigious Hotel and Restaurant Groups throughout his career. Mark has cooked for some of the world’s most well-known personalities including Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton and Lee Kwan Yew.

Born and bred in Burlington Ontario, Mark’s love of food started as a child at family gatherings. His Grandmother Jeannette would spend the day cooking Polish food from delicious cabbage rolls, kapusta and chocolate cream pies. When dinner was ready, Grandma Jeannette would call out to her kids and grandkids by ringing a dinner bell. Family gatherings and the sharing of food was at the soul of the Cholewka Family. This was ingrained into Mark’s philosophy to have the relentless pursuit to exceed good tasting food with amazing experiences.

As a young adult Mark journeyed as a chef all over the world, from Toronto to Vancouver and down south to Mexico, working in various hotel and restaurant groups. His love of travel and food brought him to Asia working in Singapore at the Mandarin Orchard and then in 1997 Mark joined Igor’s Restaurant Group in Hong Kong (now known as Café Deco Group).

In 2001, whilst working at Igor’s Restaurant Group HK, Mark made the decision to take the leap from being a chef to moving into the front of house and learning food & beverage business and operations. Mark was part of growing Igor’s Restaurant Group HK portfolio from a handful of concepts to over 35 unique brands of bars and restaurants by 2010. 

In October 2010, with over 25 years in the industry and with the love and support of his family & friends, Mark opened Shore Hospitality Restaurant Group HK.

Our Portfolio

As a renowned Restaurant Group, Shore Hospitality has launched 8 brands and opened over 16 successful bars and restaurants including the hugely popular Shore Bar & Terrace, Shore Steakhouse, Se Sa Me, Hunter & The Chase, The Salted Pig, The Blind Pig, Cull ‘N Pistol and The Pizza Pig.

At Shore Hospitality Restaurant Group, we firmly believe that the term ‘hospitality’ defines everything that we do – thus ensuring that at Shore we aim to constantly provide people with quality ingredients used in our dishes, great service, for a good price in fantastic comfortable venues.

Growth of Shore Hospitality Restaurant Group in HK:

Located at The L Place on 138 Queen’s Road Central. Shore, where water meets the Land. Shore Bar & Terrace, was an ‘OFFSHORE lounge and terrace designed for entertaining and networking with natural sea elements and modern geometry and texture of sedimentary rock forms on its interior columns. A great place for daytime drinks, casual lunch, coffee to late night snacks, DJ and dancing. The scenic outdoor terrace had a bamboo forest as its backdrop, with The Center, as its very own outdoor Chandelier.

This modern steakhouse was well-known for its exquisite in house dry-aged steaks and defined Shore as a leading restaurant group in Hong Kong.  

The Interior of Se Sa Me reminded our diners of an elegant zen sand garden. Its cuisine was ‘Japanasian’ contemporary Japanese suffused by influences from across Asia by Executive Head Chef Dominic South. Fresh fish was flown in every day from Japan and handcrafted sushi was made by our very own Sushi Monk Executive Sous Chef Shinji Tomori.

The Salted Pig came from Shore Hospitality Restaurant Group founder Mark’s travels to Australia, where restaurants are named simply and are true to what they serve. Pork is one of the most common food products globally on most dining tables and he felt it was time to recognize this delicious meat as a culinary icon. The Salted Pig is a farm to table quirky and fun bar and eatery known for its pork-laden classics and generous portions, as well as providing a casual and enjoyable dining experience. At our restaurant, the food satisfies and the ambience comforts. Sit back and relax with your friends and family over a hearty and porktastic feast!

After opening the first wildly popular The Salted Pig in Central on Hong Kong Island, we decided that we had to bring our ‘porkalicious’ dishes to Kowloon. We opened our first Kowloon shop in Tsim Sha Tsui at 1 Knutsford Terrace. Since then our restaurant group in Hong Kong has opened The Salted Pig in many other various neighborhood locations  –  The Salted Pig SoHoEast Sai Wan Ho in 2015, The Salted Pig D2 Place Two Lai Chi Kok in 2016, The Salted Pig New Town Plaza Shatin in 2018, The Salted Pig Metroplaza Kwai Fong in 2019 and The Salted Pig Megabox Kowloon Bay in 2021.

“Cull” and “Pistol” refer to a lobster that has one or both claws missing. Our seaside eatery offers a casual and rustic seafood destination inspired by New England’s seafood stories, as well as celebrating America’s East to West Coast melting pot of cultures. We showcase the natural flavors of oceanic catches and timeless home-style flair. Sitting on a cozy stretch of waterfront promenade in SOHO East in Sai Wan Ho, Cull N’ Pistol is the perfect spot for sharing a perfect moment with amazing seafood and sea breeze.

The Hunter & the Chase pioneered a modern and elegant dining experience with a specialization in presenting ‘The Taste of WILD’ in three core elements. WILD represented the taste of meats from FREE RANGE sources and alternative meats; while OCEAN was composed of the freshly WILD-CAUGHT catches from the sea; and lastly FOREST symbolized as the relishes of WILD-GROWN indigenous plants.

The Blind Pig was inspired by our Hong Kong restaurant group’s wildly popular The Salted Pig. We realized that the neighborhood needed restaurants as much as they needed quality neighborhood sports bars. We serve up delicious pub grub alongside refreshing drinks in front of big screens to watch live sports.

The heart of the kitchen is a stone oven, continuing our pork theme The Pizza Pig was the first to serve up a 30” long rectangular Pizza in town, The Pizza Pig located in Tseung Kwan O, in Monterey O’South and D2 Place Two in Lai Chi Kok serves up the most delicious pizza locally along with a wide variety decadent Starters, Pasta, and Mains.

Vision & Values

We are a passionate restaurant group operator of Food, Beverage, and Service. As a Restaurant Group in Hong Kong, we have an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a mission to positively leverage our business to make an impact on our community, society, and environment.

Our restaurant group in HK sources compostable packaging, and reusable containers. We strive to do our best to eliminate plastic waste from our kitchens and dining rooms. We also prioritize sourcing locally whenever possible.

Our restaurant group namesake says it best, Shore Hospitality is named after what we love most, the Shores of Hong Kong. As a company in the Hong Kong community, we commit and participate in coastal clean-up. Picking up trash, to ensure our shores are a safe haven for wildlife that exist in our Hong Kong coast and water.
As a restaurant group in HK, we offer enriching opportunities to young adults who are taking a “gap year” between secondary and post-secondary school (Age 18 -19). Our Manager Trainee program is a six- or twelve-month program that provides participants with the opportunity to experience all aspects of hospitality management. The future of hospitality relies on mentoring and knowledge sharing.
Diversity and Inclusion are embedded into our belief in recruitment, training and retention strategies. We are committed to being leaders amongst restaurant groups in Hong Kong and to redefining what it means to work in this industry.